Daily Leaf
Fang is moving!

Make me offers ;)

He has to be picked up today between 2:45 pm and 3 pm UTC+1


Add me 😊

1762-2732-4857 :)I added you
the-nidoking asked:
Still looking for friend safaris? I have an Ice one, my FC is 4398-9946-0231, and the name is Patrick~

Sure! I added you :)

not wargaming buuuut


add me on DS please, I need more friend safari options.

friend code: 0490-6077-1205

ALSO add me on snapchat if you want at dat_evan for updates on models, pictures of games I’m losing, and pictures of my animals.

1762-2732-4857 :)



Still adding people for friend safari. I have learned I have a GHOST safari. Ooooh 2spooky. No clue which pokes I have in it though. My code is 1736-0846-1359 I’m hoping to find a NORMAL safari but I’m adding everyone.

1762-2732-4857 :)

My friend code (° • °) ~


Feel free to add me on Pokèmon X & Y
I have the friend safari so (⌒ー⌒)ノ
Also if you want to trade just add me

1762-2732-4857 :)


So I just unlocked Kiloude City and I’m in desperate need for friend safari’s.
My friend code is 4785 - 5904 - 1238.
Just reblog/ reply whatever to this post with your friend code and I’ll add yours :-)

Edit - I have Audinos, Teddiursas and Eevees in my safari :-)

1762-2732-4857 :3

Friend Safari ~

need more safaris to hunt for shinies :D
add me pls: *1762-2732-4857*

I’ll add you immediatly


Just like the other Board I used to visit…. And that’s the reason why I’m not there anymore.

Tamagotchi P debug mode (activated through download game) - YouTube→


I’m gonna try this! Download the Debug thingy here: http://mrblinky.net/tama/debug.jpg and send it to your P’s (via IR)

Important notes from Mr. Blinky
“For full all debug mode you should choose option 2 (factory reset) after the soft reset and you loose all your game progress.

When you don’t wan’t to loose all your game progress you can choose option 1 (restore) but you will not have access to most debug features. But you can choose your tamagotchi”

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